Sangria Salad

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Combine lime juice, grated peel, vinegar, honey, oil and salt and stir until blended. Pour over fruit and toss gently. Chill 1 hour or more and serve. *… Read More »

peach and fennel salad

Fennel Peach Salad

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Fennel is underused as a summer vegetable because many people did not grow up with this crunchy anise-scented delight. Substitute fennel for celery in tuna, chicken or potato… Read More »

gazpacho soup

All Season Gazpacho Soup

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old soups beat the heat of summer while letting you enjoy the season’s fresh fruits and vegetables at their best. This adaptation of a Spanish classic works well… Read More »


Fresh-Made Bread from the Slow Cooker

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Continued from Slow Cooker French Bread r maybe you’d rather just have some good, warm bread on Christmas morning to go with your eggs and sausage or to… Read More »


Slow Cooker French Bread

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f you’re like most families with kids, Christmas morning can be fun and hectic.  There are mounds of wrapping paper, shrieks of joy and lots of love and… Read More »


Scallop Chowder Soup

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An easy alternative to clam chowder, scallop chowder has a unique mild flavor that goes well with whole-grain bread or crackers, for lunch or a quick supper. Part… Read More »

Kale Salad with Bacon

Irma’s Good Greens Kale Salad

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he 1930s were full of working mothers. The wife of a Pennsylvania Railroads engineer  (a good job when there were few of them), Irma worked and cared for… Read More »


Grilled Mint-Lemon Chicken

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sing a mixture of fresh herbs is a summer luxury in some areas, but an increasing number of grocery stores carry fresh herbs year-round. This mixture carries a… Read More »


Bouillabaisse Recipe

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hat follows is a foundation for delicious fish and shellfish dishes enjoyed throughout the Mediterranean. The choice of seafood can vary by season and according to family tastes…. Read More »


Appliances for Chilly Summer Treats

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Ask most cooks what summer means to their cuisine, and you’re likely to get two answers over and over: “fresh” and “cold.” Before American houses had electricity, summer… Read More »